Who We Are

Since 1989 custom-made furnishings

La Linea was born in Città di Castello, among the Umbrian hills of the Upper Tiber River Valley. With passion and commitment, through our unique pieces of furniture, the company aims to share its devotion for what we call ‘the warmest essence’: the essence of wood.
As we try to share visions and experiences, constantly and patiently facing the different materials in all of their particular qualities and beauties, every day we learn to touch, to transform the wood we are working with, bringing it to life again.

With perseverance and hard work, guided by a critic study of our past tradition but with our eyes to the future, we want to fulfil our client’s desire for beauty, efficiency and design.
We want our work to always respect the environment: this is why we choose ecological and environmentally friendly solutions for our products.
We try to give new value to tradition and to the future. Each unique piece is the result of an attentive process, shared decision and conscious choices.



He is inspired by the artisan’s tradition of the Umbrian valley where he was born. His unconditional passion for art in all its forms guides him to explore the peculiar essence of wood and to express his creativity through the shades of this material. Drawing, giving new life to old wood and the art of transforming it with care and originality, is what keeps his experienced artist’s hands busy, day after day. Careful and open to the needs of his clients, inspired by the little things of everyday life, Alessandro is the hand and the heart of La Linea.



He was born among the creativity of his father’s artisan activity. During the years, he got to know the particular nature of wood and was able to learn the different. The artistic traditions in which he was born and raised, as well as his strong commitment and passion are guiding him towards new possibilities for the company, new projects and perspectives. The company is growing and developing thanks to his young and creative vision. His choices are getting more and more oriented toward ecological and environmentally friendly solutions. Nicola is La Linea’s new vision. The creative and technological vitality of the company.

Our Employees


Our skilled and experiences collaborators are now an actual part of our family. Thanks to their many years of hard work and their individual skills we are now able respond to all of your different requests. We are also very proud of our external collaborators: artisans, blacksmiths and carvers that occasionally become part of our products’ history.